Are you an Indian Man having online Sex Talk with western Women? Read this! – 17 Jun 15


I have described the disappointment of many western women which we have witnessed over time and their situation, having got to know an Indian man online, fallen in love and now traveling to India to meet him. I have been directing my words to these women in the past two days but today I would like to write my blog entry for the Indian men who are at the base of this situation.

Again, my words are based on experiences which we have had here with women in exactly those situations.

My dear Indian friends, I have absolutely no problem if you get in touch with my friends over social networks. If they respond and you develop a friendship, have some talk and have intercultural exchange, I am very happy for both of you! Remember however that there is a very high chance for the women whom you are contacting in this way to contact me, ask me and talk about your conversations with me.

If I then get to know that you have been flirting with them and they are thinking to come to India and meet you, I will always ask them to be careful, as I have just expressed in my two previous blog entries. Because I know that they are serious but you might not be.

I want to say this really clear: this woman is really about to fall in love over the internet with a far-away person and that person is you! She honestly believes what you are saying and she trusts your sweet words. I am always in favour of love and everybody has the freedom to choose which ways they go and search love on – but she has fallen in love with you and I have a big doubt that you are as serious about your own words as she is!

Why do you do this kind of joke with someone’s feelings? Maybe you honestly didn’t think that the other party is taking your flirt serious. Maybe you thought she will be chatting with ten other guys like you, just as you are chatting with ten other women as well. Maybe you have had such talk with some Indian girls in the anonymity of the World Wide Web and it never went anywhere to serious. You were both just joking around, enjoying that you are able to write about sex. Anyway, you cannot talk about it nor do it because it is not a part of this culture. Neither you nor that girl would actually ever have thought of meeting each other, even if you talked about it. Even if you dreamt of having sex with each other.

I tell you something: talking to a western woman is different. Her culture is different. She thinks differently and she is most probably not suffering from suppressed sexuality as you are! That’s how she doesn’t need to have such talks without actions behind. She is serious because she is at a point in life where she really wants to find something proper, steady and for a long time! She can stand here, in India, in front of your doorstep at any point of time, demanding of you to do all the things you promised online!

Did this scare you? Good! Because if you get scared, it means you were not serious and if you are not serious, you should STOP THIS NOW! You are about to hurt another person’s feelings. Make it clear that you are just fooling around, make it clear that you will marry the woman your parents will choose for you in a few years or that you are actually already married and that you just would like to have a talk. That is fine and I promise you that most women won’t mind still talking to you, as a friend – as long as you don’t try to cheat them and make fake promises again!

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