Small Girl, please cover up, otherwise Uncle can’t control himself! – 4 Aug 14

Indian culture

Online, I came across a photo which disturbed me. It showed a little Indian girl of about six years, holding a banner, a big paper sheet saying: ‘Uncle… Plz tell ur DAUGHTER to wear full cloths. Dress is made to cover our body, not to Expose’.

An Indian person from my friend list shared it and I saw there were thousands of shares more. I was shaken by the fact that so many people shared this stupid message! I hope they realized that it was manipulated, that the text was photoshopped onto the girl’s paper. With just a little bit of searching, I found the original. It is saying ‘Save my dignity. I am your daughter’

The first thing that I object to is the fact that you just take someone’s picture and use this little child’s image, putting words on her sign that may be the truth for you but not for her or her parents! You are using her for a wrong purpose!

And then you give such a sick message to people who see it! I had to think about how sick not only the person is who manipulated the photo but every single one who shared it! It is the act of religious people who claim they want to save Indian or Hindu culture.

You practically say that this girl wants men – for all of whom the word uncle stands here – to force their daughters to cover up in order to avoid getting raped!

At the same time it is these people who enjoy looking at half-naked women online, on social media pages which were only made for posting pictures of women in their underwear and even without so that men can get horny with them. These, too, are somebody’s daughters – why do you want to see them naked but have a problem when people see only the shoulders or knees of your own daughter?

I just had to reply with a comment:

‘Otherwise dear uncle, if you see a 6-year-old girl naked, you will be aroused and will be ready to rape… This is just normal in our religion and culture and has been going on for thousands of years. Fathers and uncles raping their daughters. Actually, little daughters need to take care of their clothes and body because uncles can't control themselves and their lust. They can't take care of their pants – it can fall down when seeing a female body, no matter it is a 6- or 60-year-old!’

It is the truth, I am quite sure that the daughters and nieces of the people who agree with those sentences are not safe of harassment and even more sexual assaults! According to surveys, 93% of rape happens by people who are close and even related to the victim – fathers, uncles, other family members and close friends!

I have written so much about the horrible influence of culture and religion on today’s safety of women. It has helped increasing sexual crimes and sometimes I just wonder how little children are supposed to protect themselves in their own homes. It is impossible. If someone makes a woman’s clothing responsible for her getting raped and thus suggests a veil, covered arms and legs and maybe even head and face, he cannot control himself when he sees a naked body. Enough religious scriptures have told us such stories and preach that we should worship the rapists.

Everywhere on the world, rape is committed by criminals. Only in India, it is so much a clear result of the culture and thinking, that it is already in the eyes of a normal man.

The amount of shares this picture got on social media proves this to me.

And I just wonder how sick this society really is.

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