Indian Traditions in the West – 13 Feb 08


A young woman of the age of 25 came to me today. She told me happily that she is in a relationship since 10 years and now she is pregnant. It was so beautiful to see, hear and feel this. It is very rare that I hear of a long-lasting relationship here and especially in this young age. It makes me happy to see this love and I gave my best wishes and blessings for all three of them!

Actually most of the people are missing something inside themselves. This is a reason for sticking to rules like I explained yesterday. People here in the west are searching for security and love. They are longing for something. There is a lot of confusion with so many different therapies, traditions and philosophies and many of them have their origin in India. There are many things wrongly understood and in the way abused that I described in the last days. However I see that things went wrong when people came from India to the Western world and started changing the ancient and holy traditions of our culture to manipulate minds in order to serve their own purpose. India is a spiritual country with a great culture. I want to ask these gurus who come here not to do this wrong business. Give people an insight in our culture without abusing and misguiding them. It destroys your reputation and India's reputation. Save your own culture! Many things are sold here with the name of spirituality and yoga. Names and labels were brought from India. This casts a damning light on the wonderful country and our culture. When someone is searching, longing and looking for something, do not use this for making money. Offer him a genuine solution, give him advice if he asks you for it, be honest and just spread your love. It is wonderful if you can help people in a way which makes them happy for a long time.

4 Replies to “Indian Traditions in the West – 13 Feb 08”

  1. I know someone like that, Married their first boyfriend at a very young age and they are really happy together. It is so strange when that happens. It’s a shame that it’s so strange.

  2. it is rare for me to hear of long lasting relationships as well. It makes me sad to see my friends around me keep fumbling around when I know they want to make it last between them and another. I am truly blessed to have Miley in my life. I wish happiness to everyone, and merry Christmas.

  3. I agree so much of the world simply wants to make money and they are willing to take advantage of those who are desperate in search for something. To be honest it makes a person distrustful and in the end we stop seeking all together and we lose hope in humanity. And this is all thanks to a few people who stain the reputation while others are honest…it is indeed a sad thing.