How Pooja Ceremonies are done in India – 17 June 08


Today in the evening we went to Munich for a group Pooja ceremony. We were altogether 18 people and we had a really nice ceremony in the garden of two of a participating couple. After the ceremony I was asked if it was similar to how it is in India. There it is quite normal to perform ceremonies on different occasions. We invite friends and it is a celebration which always brings harmony and good energy. In the beginning of any new project or any good thing for example if you have a new job or if you buy a new car, you can organize a Pooja and many people love to have ceremonies very often and with many people. It is normal to share the happiness with friends, family and also with poor people or Sadhus. You make something to eat for all these people and often you give a donation. It is a wonderful atmosphere. So it was nice to have this group together. We came back late from Munich, it is already late night. I think I will go to bed soon, I have healing sessions tomorrow.

4 Replies to “How Pooja Ceremonies are done in India – 17 June 08”

  1. I went to a pooja ceremony in India once, it was amazing! Flames everywhere, and people worshipping together at the river. seems incredibly unique.

  2. The way ceremonies are carried out in India, their themes and frequency and tone, is one of many things I really love about India and always wish I could take home with me when I visit. I don’t think I had experienced or heard of a “spiritual” holiday (as in a holiday that is intended to and can bring you CLOSER to god instead of further away) before I came here.

  3. I have enjoyed that Indian celebrations involve so many friends, family, and people from the community. It is nice to have the support and energy of others in your celebration. It makes it very special!