Your Identity, Roots and Culture – 07 Feb 08


It was the first full day in Wiesbaden and we had a Darshan in the evening. We had a nice atmosphere in a room lit by many candles. Everybody enjoyed the Meditation. In my little introduction in the beginning of the Darshan I was talking about identities. I told that many people ask me to give them a spiritual name. I do not give any names. I believe that everybody should accept their identity and the name that everybody is calling you is part of it.

Do not fight and struggle with your identity. Do not try to copy or be someone else. What you are, you are. Accept yourself. Be proud of yourself being you. Accepting and loving other cultures is wonderful but do that without taking another identity. It will only create a struggle inside you if you try to take out your root and try to plant it into another culture. Know where your root is and let the branches, leaves and fruits grow in all directions.

6 Replies to “Your Identity, Roots and Culture – 07 Feb 08”

  1. I have heard that the names we were given at birth have profound meaning in who we are in this lifetime. It is no coincidence that we came into this being with this particular name! Some people dislike their names, but I think it is something to be embraced since it has lots of meaning in it.

  2. Doesn’t matter where you come from, you don’t need to create some kind of competition and think, that some nationalities have a greater value. Everyone is unique and has his own worth. And that’s what makes you special, so be proud of it 🙂