Be Yourself – Do not Play a Role – 20 May 08


Today was a very nice day. I like pineapple and some people who know this brought pineapples so that we had four pineapples standing in the kitchen today. One we had for breakfast, one after dinner and maybe we will eat another one tomorrow. After this healthy dessert people started coming for the Darshan in the evening.

In the Darshan I always encourage people to live and to be how they are. And many of them manage to open their heart and to let their emotions flow. However it is not a one-day-story. It is not done with one hour meditation. I like to say it is a training that you give to your mind. You have to practice being honest in your daily life. Remember to be yourself even in situations in which you would like to put on a mask and play a role. Stay in your originality and you will realize that it will come into your daily life.

I am not a magician and I do not have a pill to give you. That would be too easy. No, it is your training and I can only support you on the way to open your heart and remind you that you are perfect how you are. God made us all perfect and we can accept ourselves how we are. It was a really nice group meditation and the participants enjoyed it.

As it is full moon I also meditated together with the participants of the Distance Healing. After the nice energy of the Darshan it was a special meditation and I felt how many participants were very open to receive the healing energy of love. The feeling of having a worldwide family is wonderful and I know that many of my friends, who do not send a picture, also think of me and of each other in this time and feel the flow of the energy between all of us.

Tomorrow Ramona and I will go to Schwabmünchen to her home. Yashendu will stop by in Wiesbaden at Thomas and Iris and will come to Schwabmünchen in a few days, too.

5 Replies to “Be Yourself – Do not Play a Role – 20 May 08”

  1. It is hard not to play a role when it is how many people are used to communicating with each other. But I’ve always felt happier when not acting.