Accept it if you are not Spontaneous, do not fight with it – 17 Jun 09


Some days ago a woman was here for a healing session and we had some talk before we started. She told: “Swami Ji, I have quite a few problems. And the biggest problem is, that I know I have these problems and with most of them I also know what I should do about it but I feel that I cannot do it.”

As an example she told that she knows she is not very spontaneous and sometimes gets stressed easily by small things. “And I know that I have so many things to learn but somehow I cannot do it in that moment!”

I told her “You know, the problem is that you are trying and think you have to learn, but you are actually perfectly fine as you are. Do not give yourself this pressure. If someone has a spontaneous idea and you realize that you are not that spontaneous you get stressed and hectic because you think you would need to be like that, too. But instead you could just relax. Okay, you are not like that. Accept it, that will make it much easier for you.”

Many people also have the problem that they want to keep control and if someone else is spontaneous and has an idea which was not in this person’s plan, he or she nearly panics because it was not planned. In this case I simply advise to let another person take over the plan. Why not? You are not responsible for everything and everybody. Relax, lean back and watch, what others are doing. It is fine, enjoy whatever comes!

3 Replies to “Accept it if you are not Spontaneous, do not fight with it – 17 Jun 09”

  1. I somehow didn’t think it was possible that people with strict order in their life would ever think themselves wrong for not being spontaneous, i thought only spontaneous people felt bad about not being in order! silly me.

  2. This is a lovely example. Sometimes it is overwhelming to think of all the ways we wish we could change. But it’s important to just accept who you are! Maybe changes will come with time and maybe not. But we have to learn to love ourselves as we are. Great post Swami Ji!

  3. Everyone has his own rythm and is free to decide how fast he wants to live his life and how fast he wants to do things. And that’s completely ok. But you should never try to convince someone that your way of life is better. There is no better, there is just the difference that makes you unique 😉