Many Faces that you show the World – 2 Jan 09


Today we had the first Darshan of the year in Mindelheim. I told the concept of this meditation and that I want to give the participants training for their minds to live in a natural way. You need to accept yourself and your personality, your emotions and feelings just as they are without being ashamed. Let the feelings flow.

I told how confusing it is if you are one person at home and become a fully different person when you go to work. Often we can see how many different faces a person has: one when you are at work, one when you are shopping, one at home when friends are there, another one when you are at home fully alone. This can only create problems for you and for others. It will be difficult for you to understand yourself. And if other people do not understand you it is really no wonder. How can you complain about this? You have created so much confusion in your energy that there is no transparency, no clear information about who you are.

I said that there is no technique, method or specific discipline in this meditation other than going inside yourself and being honest. Bring out whatever you have and accept yourself as you are. Respect your feelings and emotions. Then you can grow love for yourself and the universe.

The donation box of the vegetarian Indian restaurant Zimt and Koriander in Wiesbaden was again full before my friends Thomas and Iris came to India so they brought the donation of the guests and today’s food of the children at the Ashram was sponsored by them again.

4 Replies to “Many Faces that you show the World – 2 Jan 09”

  1. It is very jarring to have to adapt to different environments. But you are one person at home, then you get in the car and half an hour later are at work- a completely different world.

  2. This is a great point, Swami. It is important to build strength in your true character so that it is maintained no matter what situation you are in.I think this meditation would be very helpful. And also spending enough time in solitude to contemplate and reflect. This allows you to really get to know yourself so you can show the world who you are proud to be!