Meaning of the Last Name Goswami – 8 Sep 09

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Yesterday I wrote about the words Swami and Guru. With my last name being Goswami many people also ask me what that means. The Sanskrit word ‘go’ means senses. And yesterday I already said that swami means owner. So Goswami means ‘the owner of his senses’. He is not owned by his senses but he owns them.

Most of the time, the senses are owning people. They do what the senses want, not what they want. So the question is: who is the owner? The senses or you? When you are not guided by the senses, when you guide them and you can make a decision.

This is how I am always saying that you should be your own master, should own yourself. Everybody is unique and we have enough to do with mastering ourselves, we don’t need anybody else whom we can master. So nobody should be follower, every soul is unique.

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8 Replies to “Meaning of the Last Name Goswami – 8 Sep 09”

  1. All these people are those I had the wonderful good fortune of meeting this past summer and now, and I feel so great! I am thrilled to see them in here now!Thank you!!! Yashendu, Thank you so much!

  2. What a cool meaning for a name. 🙂 It is powerful and profound. You can still have very open and expressive senses, but they don’t control you. This is a good lesson for everyone to learn.
    Great photos, as well!