The Ideal you are running after is not real – Accept Yourself! – 13 Sep 09

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Yesterday I was talking about the problems that appear when young girls and children try to be like people on TV or in magazines. The important thing is, as I always say, acceptance. You should accept yourself as you are. Of course there is always a role model. You want to be like that person, it is a natural emotion. And it is even okay, up to a certain limit. It is good if you follow a good example. But please don’t go into a competition with others and don’t think ‘They are like that, why not me?’

Don’t force yourself and get stressed in a competition. Then this endless search and striving becomes a mirage. In Hindi we call this ‘the thirst of deer’. It is an expression for the status of your mind. When deer is in the desert and it is very thirsty, just some meters away it sees water and it starts running and keeps on running for this illusion. When he reaches this place where the water was, it is only sand, but just a few meters away it sees water! It is an endless effort.

In this material world many people have this and always run for something that they believe is great. You think somebody else’s life is great? You think that you only have to achieve one more small thing and then you are there? Forget it, it is a mirage. When you reach this, then you will realize there is another piece missing and you will again start to try and work and do effort. Realize that it is an illusion and that you have everything that you need now! You have every reason to be happy! Be happy and love your life!

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  1. Oh yes, this is so true. The book ‘The Power of Now’ is helpful to try and do this. Why is it so simple, but so difficult for us to do? Thank you swami

  2. The people we strive to be like usually aren’t… actually the way we think they are. We can get an idea about someone that is absolutely untrue, and then spend our days trying to reach a standard that never actually existed.

  3. It’s funny that we are jealous of others and desire to be like them. Because, if we could, we would discover that it’s not really any better than being us! They are faced with their own challenges and issues that you don’t have. We are all on this planet to learn and grow– it’s not paradise for anyone. So enjoy your particular life while you have it. The grass always seems greener on the other side.

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