Know who you are and act like that – 14 Apr 09


I often see people who do not live their emotions as they are. I have also written a lot about this. Mostly you can see in their body language, their talk and their behavior, that they are in some way artificial. And they are living so much in this artificial behavior that it becomes their permanent way of acting. It seems that they are playing a role in a theatre but their whole life is this theatre. It often seems exaggerated and for me it feels sometimes very formal. But I also see that for them it seems natural what they are doing. They live in this way and this acting has become usual because they do it all the time.

Maybe it is a cultural difference or maybe I am just not used to this. I just want to be how I am and it feels unnatural when I see and observe this kind of behavior. I believe this happens when you play a certain role. It will not happen if you live your own personality. If a sixty years old person plays the role of a twenty years old, or if a twenty years old person plays the role of a sixty years old, it will look unnatural. Of course with twenty years you can have the maturity of a sixty years old and a sixty years old person can be jolly, happy and have fun like a twenty years old. When it comes naturally it is fully fine, just if you intentionally play this role, it surely looks artificial and you can feel that it is not real. I appreciate it if people live in their originality. This also makes their personality more serious and more real. I like to live just naturally with whatever is there.

2 Replies to “Know who you are and act like that – 14 Apr 09”

  1. Identity is a complicated thing for me. I feel like there is lots to find out by observing myself, but also lots to let fall away. I constantly find out more.

  2. You should not put on any act or a play a role. you should be comfortable in being who you are. If you do not act naturally then no-one will know the real you and you will alone and sad. Learn about yourself and be that person.