Do not Hide your Identity behind fake Emotions – 12 Jul 10


Yesterday I talked about our memories and how you can be a time-traveler with them and your emotions. Your memories are part of your identity, it forms the person who you are. Unfortunately many people have a tendency to hide their real identity.
In a workshop I once said we all are experts in hiding. We are very used to hiding instead of being open. We hide our real emotions, we hide our private preferences when we are at our work, we hide our work matters when we are at home, we hide body parts that we believe are not very beautiful and we hide our thoughts behind a façade of friendliness or interest.

This all shows very clearly how we do not really accept ourselves and our identity. Who are you? Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. Why would you hide anything? You might be trying to make something nicer, to make you look better, but you know what? There is absolutely no need to!

When we talked to Ramona’s cousin, she told about a friend of her who is very active. She is all the time busy and always has much energy to do something. She always thought it was a problem, that she was in some way wrong and had to do something to stop this flow of energy. And she started hiding it. Then someone said to her ‘Why don’t you just see that this is how you are? It is just you and we love you how you are.’ She was surprised about this point of view but realized that she liked it. Yes, why would you force yourself to be how you are not? And you don’t need to pretend that you are something else, you are fine just as you are! Don’t hide who you are!

I wish that everybody gets this self-confidence to say for himself: this is who I am and I am great!

We had a beautiful day with Annick, Hans-Christian and their family.

3 Replies to “Do not Hide your Identity behind fake Emotions – 12 Jul 10”

  1. I think sometimes it’s hard to have enough understanding for yourself and others to recognize which parts of you are really you and which parts of you are a cover-up because cover-ups or masks can be worn for so long that it is not obvious which is real and which not. But one way to find out is to get rid of feelings of shame and needing to hide.

  2. I think it can be difficult to get back in touch with our deeper selves sometimes and show them to the world, because we are taught to hide parts of ourselves from when we were children. Maybe it is a Western culture thing, but parents teach their children to be polite, have manners, and not act out in front of others. This begins the cycle where we question what is appropriate to express to others and what isn’t. It’s difficult to get past that cycle that we’ve been in for so long. But again, solitude and contemplation can help.