Accept Yourself – even if you are different – 11 Apr 08


We should be authentic in our lives. I always tell people to be themselves and not to act like being someone else. In the Darshan day before yesterday I was saying what I always say: accept yourself, respect yourself and love yourself. And I added something very important. To accept yourself does not mean to take over the other person's idea of how you should be. Maybe we like to look and compare what others are doing and how they are doing it. Perhaps your friends like to go to a certain meditation group and enjoy it there very much. Normally you like exactly the same things but there you just don't feel well. You don't like the teacher or the atmosphere which the others are praising that much. Then you will start comparing. Are you doing something different from the others? Are you maybe even doing something wrong and shouldn't you feel in the same way as your friends? Please don't start fighting with yourself. You are you.

Many people tend to play a role of how they would like to be and how they would like to be seen by others. But it is so much easier and nicer just to be yourself. Others will like this the most! You will be loved for being who you are. We are not like cars, all the same model. Each of us is unique. Each unique soul is great how it is. Differences make us special and we should always listen to our heart what it is saying to that. Feel it. This is you. You do not need to accept any other identity. I feel it would be very funny if they start cloning humans. They are experimenting and succeeding on animals but what will happen if they manage to make someone with the same genes as you? Will he have your identity? It is so amazing that we are all different and special. And why do you need to be a sheep then? Be yourself, it is so wonderful!

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6 Replies to “Accept Yourself – even if you are different – 11 Apr 08”

  1. Children radiate life. Their emotions pass through them freely, smiling one moment and crying the next. These states are experienced briefly and not held onto because the child does not add their experience to their mental history. They do not say “I have fallen down and scraped their knee. Now that is who I am. Someone who has fallen down and scraped my knee.” They do not know how to judge the world. If you give up defining yourself, to yourself and to others, you will not die; you will not become nothing. You will come to life.

  2. You should never be sacred to speak out and give your opinion. Whether you agree with others or not. Variety is the spice of life and if everyone was the same it would be so boring!

  3. It is great when you find out about your true identity and become comfortable in your own skin. We ALL have something different about us, but that is what makes us special NOT an outcast. What a boring life it would be if we were all clones.