Enjoy your uniqueness, enjoy being you! – 16 Aug 12


Every single person of us is different from the other. This is something that we all know. We are individuals, you cannot argue about taste, you cannot find even identical twins who are exactly the same because our bodies are inside so complex that everyone is at least a bit different from the others. Unfortunately however this fact has not been realized by everyone yet – and once you realize it, it has a lot of consequences.

The very first consequence is a boost for your self-esteem. You are unique and there is no other person on this planet who is exactly like you. That is obviously not something that you achieved yourself and you can try to explain it in any way you want – nature, God, science, whatever. The fact is there, though: there is no person on this planet who has the exact same combination of genes that you have and this is why you are special the way you are.

There are of course people who can feel like you, who think in similar ways and also people who could have similar looks. But as everyone is different there are also all kind of different opinions and views on what is good, what is beautiful, what is clever, what is desirable and what is not.

This means that there is no sense in trying to be like others and copying someone else’s looks and style, someone else’s actions or someone else’s words. I believe that this is a very important consequence of the realization that you are special.

It is then simply unnecessary to go into competition with others because you know that every person has very different values. If you do a competition in running, it may give you pride to be the quicker runner but maybe you would lose in swimming against the other one. And if you win in all sportive activities, the other one may easily win over you in a mathematics test. This is only an example to show that you don’t need to go into competitions and be crushed if you lose! There will never be a competition of ‘who is the better person’ because it is just impossible to tell and a very complex topic.

You are not replaceable and you are not comparable. You are just you and once you realize that you are not like anybody else, that nobody else can be like you and you cannot be like anyone else.

If we all could just realize this, there would not be that many problems with inferiority complexes as there are now, especially among young people. There would be less jealousy because partners would have more self-esteem and would know that they are unique – and that the other one cannot ever find a person who is the same.

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