Honesty is from Birth – Dishonesty is Taught Later – 5 Apr 10

I again and again have to think how many of these gurus who have even millions of disciples are not even honest. Many are cheating and just tricking people into giving money. I have written a lot about this and my thoughts often come back to the question of honesty. Honesty is something natural, something that is there from the very beginning. There is a saying that children are always honest and it is true! Whenever you catch the little Suraj doing something wrong and you ask him afterwards, he will admit without hesitation that he did it. He will not lie about it, his first reaction will be to answer honestly.

It is only with time that we learn to be dishonest. It is not like this that there are honest people and dishonest people by birth. You don’t need to learn honesty and some people forget how it is to be honest. If you bitterly scold Suraj about his mistake, he will learn that he should not tell the truth. You asked him if he did wrong, he said yes and then you shouted at him. Next time he will definitely not say ‘yes’ anymore, his answer will be ‘no’, a lie. This is why we explain him the reason why it was wrong. He can understand and do it in another way. He should not learn to be dishonest.

We become dishonest with time, with the lessons of life that we learn in the wrong way, when we think that a lie will bring us more advantages than honesty. I believe that it is right to go through life with full honesty and I believe that we can teach this to our children by acting as an example. If you lie to your son, why wouldn’t he lie to you as soon as he is old enough to discover your lies? If you always live in honesty, your children know, whenever they come to you, they will receive an honest answer. Isn’t it great if someone can trust on you in this way?

Our lovely friend Sabine was here for dinner today and we enjoyed a great dinner with mangoes and ice-cream as dessert.

5 Replies to “Honesty is from Birth – Dishonesty is Taught Later – 5 Apr 10”

  1. “Some people forget how it is to be honest.” This sentence sticks out in my mind. I have friends (myself included) who have forgotten how to be honest. We not only have forgotten how good it feels to be honest but struggle to remember how to be completely honest in a moment. This entry was a pleasure to read.

  2. You’re so right. We have to develop dishonesty. We do it for complicated and simple reasons. How much self esteem you have for yourself, compared with how you esteem others, and whether or not you have to sell trinkets on the street or fight your way to the top of an acting gig- dishonesty comes for many reasons.

  3. This is so true… we only learn dishonesty by the example set by others or by being shamed for our honesty. It kind of makes sense that some people are so automatic to lie about things… they have been doing it since they were children in order to avoid punishment! My parents were so reasonable and loving that I always felt guilty lying to them, it hurt so bad! I hope that I can be a great example for my children some day too. 🙂

  4. It just shows how you should not only tell your children to be honest but show them in your everyday life a well. You should reward children for their honesty even if you must punish them for their behavior too.

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