Do not Change your Opinion according to whom you Talk – 27 Mar 09


We were talking today and I said that I am always honest in what I am saying. I have an opinion and if I am asked for it, I will express it. I have written in the diary before, that I do not give my advice without being asked for it. But if someone wants to know my opinion, I am honest. I will say what I feel. I see many people whose opinion changes with the person what they are speaking to. They always keep in mind that the other person likes or doesn’t like and talk according to that. This doesn’t usually come from a bad intention, on the contrary, they want to make the other person happy. Their aim is to make others happy.

My aim is to be honest and truthful. Maybe sometimes it could be that the other person doesn’t like my opinion but I have to say what I feel. I would not change my philosophy or thinking to entertain someone or to make someone happy. And what do you think is better for the other person? I have seen that one person, who talks with two different people about the same situation, gives two different opinions about it, just to make the other one happy. They do this to give happiness to others but they can get in very difficult situations if these two people meet and share the advice which they received from the same person. They will find out that it was not what this person really thought because he just said what was nice for them. But I don’t want to do that. Stay honest. Others will be happy about your honest opinion.

Today our cook made very nice pizza and all friends were happy about it. I have got the idea to make ice cream. We have brought a lot of chocolate which people gave me as a gift and lots of it is 70% or 80% and somehow I do not enjoy this dark chocolate that much anymore in the last days. So we bought four kilos of vanilla ice cream, warmed all the chocolate and then mixed it together with sugar and the vanilla ice cream. It was the best chocolate ice cream that I ever ate in India!

2 Replies to “Do not Change your Opinion according to whom you Talk – 27 Mar 09”

  1. Honesty is not just about telling the truth when you feel you could alter it. To honestly share your opinion you must know what it is. This doesn’t mean simply attaching yourself to an opinion that fits your imagine. It requires searching yourself very deeply and with humility. Humility is key to discovering what is at the core of you.