German or Yogic Health Standards – 3 Jan 08


It is very necessary to keep the body fit. Yoga can help you with this. But what is the parameter of a fit body? I got to know today that the insurance company would not give me insurance because according to my height I am not weighing enough. I feel healthy, I feel fit! I have never been ill. But the German system has another view of it. According to their standard I am missing 8 Kilos. But this is German standard, not yogic standard! I said I am sorry, I cannot gain 8 Kilo weight.

So what I want to say is that it does not really matter, how much you weigh. I doesn't matter if it is less or medium or much. But how do you feel inside? It is about your feelings! You have to feel well in your body. If you are happy with your body you will be healthy.

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7 Replies to “German or Yogic Health Standards – 3 Jan 08”

  1. It is about feelings! People need love, big pr small. Sometimes being underweight or overweight can be signs of instability in balance. Other times they are simply not.

  2. I am just going through old diaries to read what I wrote in that time and enjoying reading them laughing and thinking of that day when my insurance application was not accepted because of my weight. Anyway afterwords my insurance was done in Germany but after 2 years I decided to leave german insurance and have one in India. So now I have insurance in India but I still weight same.

  3. Yoga is a great way to appreciate your body. And it’s true, if you can do yoga, enjoy it, and celebrate your body, then who cares how much you weigh?? I have stopped weighing myself because, similar to age, I don’t care to live according to numbers. And when I feel good challenging myself in yoga and then allowing my body to rest and relax, I feel good about my body and am thankful for it’s wonderful abilities.

  4. I don’t know about India, but people’s opinions on weight in Europe and america are terrible! Everyone is either too fat or too skinny, weighs too much or too little. In our media obsessed world, nobody’s appearance is good enough. Yet in truth, there is always someone who loves you no matter what you look like!

  5. Unfortunately the german (and in general western) system doesn’t really pay attention to how people truly feel. They just have their charts filled with numbers. And these numbers are without a context. A number can’t tell you anything about the person, because it doesn’t show what is inside.