What to do against Tinnitus – 21 Jul 09


Today a man came for a healing session who told me that he is a certified accountant, owning a company with more than 20 employees. His problem which he was asking healing for was a tinnitus in both ears which he has since more than 15 years. He told that he has been to many doctors and they have tried many things to help him but nothing worked. And this is how he thought maybe this healing could help him.

And before I could say anything he told me that he has a lot of stress at work. He loves his work but he said he is getting older and he doesn’t have that much energy anymore to do everything. I replied him that this is the main reason for tinnitus. The healing energy has helped many people with this already but the main thing is actually that it is not so much a physical problem, it is more psychological. And I can only help a bit but everybody has to find the way himself how he can live without stress.

And there is a way. Maybe you have tons of work but at some point you need to say stop, put it all away and go home and eat with your wife or husband or children. And don’t bring your work into your bedroom. We also have enough work to fill more than 24 hours but each day there is a point where we just leave everything and start cooking.

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