Ultrasound Reveals Stomach Tuberculosis of Children – 11 Oct 10


The water of the Yamuna has now retreated so much that people could start moving back into their homes. I want to again thank everybody who donated and helped us support those in need. Life is slowly getting back to normal now. Those however, who have been infected with an illness or fever during the time of the flood, still have to suffer and it takes a long time for some diseases to really cure.

We had a meeting with doctor Ashish and his wife who did the last medical checkup and they told us the results of the ultrasound examination. It revealed that 25 of the children whom he examined had stomach tuberculosis. Another 10 have infections of the urinary tract and 5 children have kidney stones.

Of course, now that the reports are there we will help these children with their treatment, which for some of them will take up to 9 months.

We decided to start their treatment on the 14th October, my birthday. It has become a kind of tradition that each year school children perform dances and we all have a big celebration. This year we will celebrate by distributing medicine and explaining to the parents how and when it should be taken. I already started getting birthday wishes one week before and would like to ask you to include our sick children into your good wishes, too. If you are planning to send me a birthday present, I would be most happy if you could donate for the treatment of our children. If they get better and if they can overcome their diseases, I will be much happier than any birthday gift can make me.

Thank you in advance for your support for these children and their health!

Pictures of the ultrasound of the children


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  1. Denny

    Thanks for all the work you and your family do Swami Ji! What an encouragement 🙂

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