Gym Workout – Enjoy Moving and Doing Sports! – 29 Jul 09

New York
United States of America

The topic of the last diary entries was the issues that many people have with their body. Two days ago Yashendu, Su, Ramona and I went to the basement of Suann’s apartment building. There is not only the room for doing laundry but also a big gym. All approximately 400 people who live in this building are allowed to use this gym for a small yearly contribution.

Su told me that she regularly goes there to do her workout and also teaches yoga classes there which some of the inhabitants of this building attend. But she also told that whenever she is down there and no matter at what time, there are always the same people and not more than maybe 35 go and exercise there. 35 people out of 400. She knows that many of her friends who live in the same building pay a monthly fee for a gym in the city instead although they can have everything just in their basement. And others don’t exercise and often feel guilty about that.

I don’t say that you need to go to the gym for making sports, that is not the only way to keep your body fit! But I am thinking about the attitude that many people have towards sports. Sports, movement, exercising, that all should be something fun to do! You should not see it as something that you have to do, which you actually don’t like to do. You have to realize how good you feel when you have done something for your body. Feel how you are full of energy! Give yourself a treat by moving your body, stretching, breathing! Enjoy your body and you will see how you will feel good in it! Whatever you do, enjoy it! Have fun!

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5 Replies to “Gym Workout – Enjoy Moving and Doing Sports! – 29 Jul 09”

  1. It is so much more fun to climb a mountain or walk around the city! I also don’t know why people have ot go to gyms, but I do understand it may seem more compatible with people’s lifestyle- machines are cold and in order, they can come in doses on schedules without interruption that way. Fits more with the lifestyle that way I suppose. People should have more fun!

  2. I don’t like sports very much but I absolutely LOVE to play capture the flag. I’m 43 and still playing. Haha. There are facebook groups in a lot of the big US cities that organize games that you can sign up for. The big apple can always use new recruits. Holla!

  3. The gym is not for everyone… but exercise should be! It’s great when people can find a form exercise that is fun for them, and they are excited to do it. Even something like gardening is getting a bit of exercise. Walking in nature is something everyone can do. Exercise is a time to enjoy and celebrate your body. When you take care of it, it takes care of you. 🙂

  4. Moving and doing sports also means to move your spirit and your awareness. Or why do you think, you feel so good after some exercises? Is it really all about the chemical reactions in our body? I don’t think so 😉