Laugh, Smile and Celebrate, even if you are Ill – 23 Sep 09

New York
United States of America

Our friend Su had a viral infection and in the last days she had pain, the body was aching and her head was aching, too. She was in bed and resting for some days. Yesterday I was sitting next to her and we talked a little bit about illness and the times when you are not really healthy. And with this talk we decided that from that moment on we would only celebrate, no matter what headache or pain is there.

This is also how I am when I am in pain. My body is hurting but I smile. I talk with people and laugh with them and don’t let the pain spoil my mood. I always say that you should let your emotions flow and I still say that. But you don’t need to cry. It will not help and it will only make you weaker. It takes your strength whereas laughing with others and being in a good mood gives you strength to go on and to fight the disease.

Just see that it is how it is and you can only make the best out of it. And you know what, it helps! Don’t think of yourself as being miserable and don’t think that you would rather do this or rather be there instead of being in bed. Laugh, smile, think of something positive. Find something to celebrate.

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6 Replies to “Laugh, Smile and Celebrate, even if you are Ill – 23 Sep 09”

  1. Oh thank you swami for you words they come at the most needed time, when I have lost my friend maybe for good in this life and suffer much seperation.

  2. Yes, so important to let illness or whatever ails to simply be, to allow for it as a process of purification on every level of our being…and so to rejoice that the past causes giving rise to the current condition are being exhausted…

  3. When you are sick the energy you get from eating can be used to help heal your body or can drain your body even more. If you feel happy and non resistant to your illness your body can work to heal itself!

  4. It is amazing how acceptance can heal the body. It isn’t magic. It is very simple. Every thing you do, feel and think costs calories…This is measurable.

  5. It’s very true that a positive attitude helps the immune system. Thinking uplifting thoughts about your body’s health and strength encourage the healing process.But I also think there’s nothing wrong with a good cry. It feels really good to cry and get your emotions out! After this emotional pain has been released, it’s easier to think positively and feel clear.

  6. If you imagine that body and soul are connected, isn’t it logical that these two parts need to be in a harmony with each other? How can your body be healthy if your soul is suffering? And how can your soul feel be free in a sick body?