14 Kilos in 4 Weeks – the Success of our Yoga and Ayurveda Weight Loss Retreat – 21 Jan 16

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Recently a man left the Ashram after four weeks of our Yoga and Ayurveda Weight Loss Retreat – and he was very happy about its success! He had lost 14 kilograms in those four weeks, his pants had got quite loose and he was fit like maybe never before! For us, the most beautiful thing to see was that he was happy about the time he had spent here!

The moment this man arrived at the Ashram, he told me that he was determined to have lots of discipline while at the Ashram. And he definitely did! With the workout as well as with the diet!

Our retreat program includes both, Yoga and Ayurveda. In the early morning, start for a walk of the Parikrama Marg, the pilgrimage walk around town. Of course not in order to reap imagined Karma benefits but to walk those ten kilometers and move the body! Our guest walked together with Purnendu – and they started walking pretty fast quite soon, so that they came back sweating – but happy!

The next program point for him was an hour of ‘Weight Loss Yoga’ together with Yashendu. Not only the participant but also Yashendu enjoyed this workout session to the fullest. Lots of muscle workout, cardio exercises and strength building makes anybody tired after an hour!

That’s when he could proceed to an Ayurvedic massage which released all tension from his muscles and helped him relax instead. In our retreat, participants usually get a massage every second day but he liked it so much that he booked the extra massages for every other day as well! And after the oil massage, he could use the steam cabin to sweat out some more toxins.

In the afternoon, Ramona led a softer yoga program for him and participants of our relaxing Ayurveda Yoga Holiday, focusing mainly on stretches and flexibility.

On top of that he had a very healthy diet which reduced his calorie intake to a minimum while being healthy and filling his stomach so that he didn’t remain hungry.

Of course, the setup is there for losing weight and we do everything to encourage that – but he had the success he had because he was determined to pull it through. We often admired his willpower and I know that due to this, he succeeded and was happy at the same time.

We love helping people achieving their goals in this way. If it is to relax, to gain strength and flexibility or to lose weight: if you really want to do it, we are sure that we can make it very pleasant for you! So you can start looking for flights – we are looking forward to welcoming you here!

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