Have Fun – especially when Life is hard at the Moment! – 7 Sep 16


I yesterday gave a few ideas as to what you can do when it all just gets too much. I mentioned that you need some time for yourself and also time to wind down in the evening before going to sleep. For anybody who is facing such a situation or other problems like burnout, there is one more very important thing which you have to calculate some time for in your day: fun!

Yes, that is a very important part which you have to remember: don’t forget that enjoying life is an integral part of being alive! When you are in the middle of a problem and don’t seem to find a way out, it doesn’t get into your mind that life could be fun in any way. That is the issue however: as long as you don’t take even a few minutes in a day to enjoy, your mental and emotional situation will get worse and worse!

For everyone, there are different ways to enjoying life. For some it can be playing with their kids, for others it is taking a run in the park, for others it can be dancing in a club and again for others it can be having a nice dinner with friends. Whatever it is, remember to put away your sorrows and enjoy those moments.

If anybody criticizes you for it – because it seems immoral to have fun in such a difficult situation – just wave them off. I wouldn’t even bother explaining because anybody who really cares for you would see the effect: laughing and enjoying recharges your batteries like nothing else. It helps you cope even with the worst of events. You will be able to see things in a different light and deal with situations better.

Mostly, we are anyway not in the worst situations that life can bring. There are often people who are much worse off than we are: refugees whose complete families have been killed by war and who had to leave their country due to this, parents who cannot afford feeding their children and have to see them hungry,… the list is long. We are usually not one of these. Mostly, we can find someone whom we can look at and discover that our problems are really not as big.

So let’s take out a few minutes, just a short time in a day and enjoy life. It is truly important and helps you so much. Once you are through your ordeal, you can look back and say: oh yes, it was a difficult time but those moments made me get through it!

And you will get through it one day!

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