Bring Happiness and Joy with small Deeds – 28 Jan 08


We had a holiday today. We went to Passau to visit Melly, Ramona's sister. I am happy; it was such a nice day! It was a drive of two and a half hours. Ramona was driving and we were listening to music. In Passau we saw Melly's new flat and when she had to go to university for two hours we went to visit the city of Passau. It is a really beautiful city! In the evening Melly took us to a pizzeria in which she claimed that we would find "the best pizza ever, at least in Passau". And it was true! It was a perfect dinner with wonderful service and delicious pizza in a great atmosphere. I thus gave a generous tip to our waitress which, as Melly said "made her day". Well, when you are happy you can make others happy! Like this you can spread the happiness. Give something to others when you are satisfied yourself. That will increase your happiness even more.

3 Replies to “Bring Happiness and Joy with small Deeds – 28 Jan 08”

  1. Yes! And I find that sometimes when I seem momentarily stuck in confusion or unhappiness, making someone else happy through some action makes me happy! Because happiness seems to spread from one person to the next (not always of course). One small deed of kindness even when I don’t necessarily feel like giving from my heart can present me with the gift of happiness from another!

  2. This is a very nice idea. Even when you don’t feel happy in yourself, making someone else happy could actually turn your mood around!
    Here is an example from the Western world:
    I have a friend who was buying a coffee at a drive-thru Starbucks. She had ordered her drink and was waiting to drive up to the window to pay and receive the drink. But when she approached the window, she was delighted to find out that the woman from the car in front of hers had already paid for her drink! She was a complete stranger, but just felt like passing on a good deed for the day. It definitely made my friend happy and she passed on the good deeds too!