Stable Happiness with a Stable Opinion – 15 Dec 09


If you start having your own opinion it can obviously be that some people are not very happy about it but already yesterday I wrote that those who love you will be happy about it. There are a few reasons for this.

One is that everyone who really loves you wants you to be happy and strong and stable in your happiness. It is difficult to have stable happiness if you cannot have a stable opinion because all the time you actually worry in which direction you have to change your opinion now!

It is also really more fun to talk with someone who has his own opinion. Even if this means that you disagree with this person in a few points but at least you can talk deeper about something. Imagine you are talking with someone about your favourite sport and you tell him your favourite team. He immediately agrees with you and you start talking about different players and their records. If this person actually has no idea about that team or even that sport and just said it to make you happy, you will not get even one satisfying answer. 

Now imagine this person says instead that he is actually more interested in arts. If you also like arts you will find a nice topic of common interest and if you don’t know much about it, you could learn something. I tell you, even if you find art as boring as sport is for your conversational partner, you will certainly find another topic to talk about.

In each way and whatever happens, it is better to be clear and honest about your feelings. Then everything is just clear, there are no doubts and no miracles. I promise that this is an easier way to live!

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6 Replies to “Stable Happiness with a Stable Opinion – 15 Dec 09”

  1. If your opinion comes from awareness/consciousness/the god in you, it will not change…even if the details of it do. Stability isn’t about belief or rigidity.

  2. I find that I change my conversational style depending on who I’m communicating with. If I’m talking with someone who is passive and meek, I’m more like to find something to agree with them about and share positive sentiments in this way. If I’m talking with someone who is very strong and opinionated, I’m more likely to find something to disagree about just to counter their force! Haha. But it does bother me when I find myself talking about something I don’t really agree with just to please the other person. I will work on not doing this anymore. 🙂