Your Happiness is Worship to God – 16 Apr 09


As I have written several times, I have resigned from the guru life that I was living before I went into the cave. But still sometimes some people who are connected with me in this way try to keep contact with me.

One girl from Rajasthan, our neighbor state, who took initiation by me in her teenage time, about 14 years ago, is now a married woman and 28 years old. I anyway do not see her as a disciple anymore but her love for me is still the same. She phoned me today just to ask how I am. I also asked her how she was and she said ‘I am very happy, everything is very fine. But when I try to sit in meditation the last days and want to concentrate, it is somehow very difficult.’

I answered that she should not worry as long as she was happy. Being happy is the biggest worship of God. I don’t think that God would be more happy about any other ritual or method of worshipping. It is great that you are happy and believe me, your God is also happy to see you happy. If you see God as a father or mother, then, too, you can ask: what does a father or a mother want? What is their wish? They always want to see their children happy. If their children are happy, they feel happy and if their children are sad, it will be very difficult for them to be happy. In the same way I feel that if we are sad, how can God be happy to see us sad? If I want to make my God happy, I should be happy. That is how I wish happiness for everybody and for myself, too. “True happiness is the biggest worship of God.”

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