Happiness as a New Year Resolution – 1 Jan 10


Ramona asked me today about my resolutions for this year and I answered: ‘I will be happy, I am happy.’ If I see myself, there are so many reasons to be! I am very satisfied with our situation, my family is healthy, many friends from all over the world wished us a happy new year, too. And this is just what I want to make my resolution: a happy new year.

I have said many times that being happy is the best way of worshipping God because what else could make Him happier than this? This is what I want to share with everyone. Be happy, it is your decision to be happy, to see the positive side of life, to enjoy what is there instead of missing what is not there or what you think should be there. You have every possibility to be happy! And with this I wish you all a very happy new year!

Now I will go and start the year with the full moon distance healing meditation enjoying light, love and happiness with people all over the globe!

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