Others trying to get you down? Be Happy! – 28 May 10

League City
United States of America

I am happy these days, life is wonderful. It is beautiful and when you are in this mood, you enjoy everything. You are jolly, you are happy and you meet people in this way. The usual reaction will be that people smile back at you, they are happy, too, that there is a person as happy as you and already you shared a little happiness with them.

However you might also get another experience which Thomas mentioned when I talked with him about this some time ago: some people don’t get happy, they seem to begin searching for something that could make you unhappy. They are jealous and think ‘Why are you so happy?’ and even if they do not realize it, even if it happens subconsciously, they are searching for something to say that could spoil your mood.

Did you ever experience a small mean remark of someone just at a moment when you were really happy? It can be a reminder of a part of your life that is not so well such as ‘That is great but what will your ex-wife/parents/boss think of that?’ or a try to make you afraid like ‘For now you can do this but think about the future/money/your children!’

Don’t let this get you down! If you are in a great mood, you can manage it, whatever will come. If you are happy, you can make connections with other people, you can share and spread your happiness. There are more people who are happy with you than those who are not. And for those who want to put you down, you actually need to see that they are not happy themselves. They need even more happiness than those who can smile with you. So stay smiling and reply ‘Everything will be fine, don’t worry!’

5 Replies to “Others trying to get you down? Be Happy! – 28 May 10”

  1. Thank you for strength you give for others to be happy and enjoy life without getting guilty feelings. Nowadays people are so busy with stressing themselves, rushing from one appointment to another and if they have free time they are so scared of it that they will fill it up with more work just to keep themselves busy. Like the hamster in a wheel runing … and runnig till they are physically and psychically so exhausted that there will be no space for other feelings beside of the pain this running is causing to them….
    You give a beautiful explanation how energy works, would love to share this with my FB friends :)))

  2. Nobody can get you down, if you have a strong will and your foundation of peace and happiness. You only have to be aware of your own power and strenght and recognize these moments, when others try to influence your mood.