The Happiest Person on Earth – 18 Mar 10


I am very happy today. Jennifer’s art class from yesterday was continued today with the younger children. When I entered in the classroom to see what they were doing, they were so happy and excited and everybody wanted to show me their creation. It was great to see them happy and proud and Purnendu took pictures which made them even happier.

Then there is our friend Linda from Germany visiting the Ashram and she is always smiling. It makes me happy to see her happy face and that she is enjoying here. Then two women visited from Lithuania today. When they entered the Ashram and saw the garden and the building, they were very happy. They are also readers of this diary and loved to see the place in reality. Seeing them happy also made me happy. Suraj is anyway a jolly child and watching him just makes everyone happy.

And tomorrow is Ramona’s birthday, so she went for shopping with Yashendu, Linda and Ute, Linda’s mother. As usual, women get happy when they go shopping for clothes, so when they came back, she was shining. Seeing her happiness also made me happy and we are all looking forward to tomorrow’s celebration. For tomorrow we planned together with Ammaji, Babbaji and Naniji what we will do and they are looking forward like everyone else. I already started preparing and made special coffee ice-cream. Ramona’s birthday is tomorrow but two days ago we already received birthday wishes from her aunt and my friend Michael, so we were enjoying and being happy about this, too.

Then I was talking with my friend Govind on phone and we shared some very beautiful feelings and had a great talk. This, too, made me very happy. To a very nice person who is helping us with the website and this diary, his name is Chirag, I wrote an email to express my feelings, saying him ‘you are my younger brother’, which is a very nice feeling, too. We received mails with very nice words from Thomas, Iris, Regina and Celina which made us very happy. And then not only Su and Angie came back from Rishikesh, but they have picked up Su’s husband Jeremy from the airport who came from New York to the Ashram. We were there with him and having him here now also makes me very happy. Seeing others happy and giving others happiness, this is what makes me happy. Can you count how much happiness this is? I think I am the happiest person on earth!

See pictures of today’s food here

And of the Art Class here

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  1. “Ten thousand flowers in spring,the moon in autumn,
    a cool breeze in summer,
    …snow in winter…. See More
    If your mind isn’t clouded
    by unnecessary things,
    THIS is the best season of your life.”

    ~ ~ Wu-men Hui-k’ai

    (best season… or best day! thought you would enjoy this quote. =) )