Victims Trying to have Pity, unable to be Happy – 18 Apr 09


A few days ago I was writing about playing the role of the victim. Now I was writing about happiness. Sometimes I feel that many people try with force and effort to keep happiness away. Otherwise this game and the role of the victim that they are playing could not go on. They are victims and cannot show themselves happy for a long time. They have to get hurt and be sad so that they can keep their image of being a victim.

It doesn’t even end at this point, it goes further: those who play the role of a victim then expect others not to be happy either. They do not allow anybody else to be happy but want to have pity. I think in this kind of situation it can be very difficult to protect yourself from this attack of sadness and misery.

From my experience I would like to say that only love can give you the strength to protect you. I believe that if you are not protected by love it will be impossible to save your happiness. Only love can dissolve everything and only with love you can live your life with a smile.

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  1. It is interesting to me that peopel who play the role of victim are often the same people who, in the eyes of others, play the role of oppressor. If a person believes they are a victim, they think they cannot hurt others because they are too busy being hurt. this is only one of many reasons it is dangerous to consider yourself victim.

  2. This is very true, Swami Ji. Unfortunately, some people decide that they are victims and create their oppression everywhere they go. It’s like they really don’t even want to help themselves… they only know how to play that role. It would be easy to decide to live otherwise, but they are uncomfortable feeling strong and self-sufficient. I think all it takes to change your life is to change your mind. We have the power to perceive as we like.

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