You Cannot Make Everybdoy Happy – 17 Apr 09


Yesterday I said that happiness is the best worship of God. And this is what I also want to do. I think I am quite successful in that. I feel that I am a happy person and sometimes of course other emotions and feelings also come because I am just a normal human person. But I try not to live long with them and my true nature is happy.

I often feel that people lose their happiness in the effort for keeping others happy but from my whole life experience I have no problem to say that it is impossible to keep everybody happy. Mostly it is not your fault. This is because everybody has their own ego and that will clash with each other.

When some are happy there are always some people who are not. But it is their problem, not yours. And even if you try to make everybody happy, at the end you might hear others say you are like a politician. They could say you are not honest because you try to keep everyone happy and do what they want.

My suggestion is, instead of trying to make others happy, try to make yourself happy and do what makes you happy without worrying about making the whole world happy. That will be great and you will have a bigger chance to make everyone happy if you are happy and don’t try to make everyone happy. People will see you happy and will become happy.

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