Happiness through Openness and Love – 17 Oct 09


Today is Diwali, the festival of light! We had a wonderful day of preparation and then celebration. The Ashram is decorated beautifully with many lights and we put up many oil lamps along the way. A very festive atmosphere started spreading when it got dark. Now everybody is sitting together and talking with each other and I am thinking a little bit about this happiness that I was talking about in the last days.

One main part of this happiness here is that everything is open and honest. Everybody is together and can be how he or she is. We are a family and everybody can tell each other what they think. How often do you feel disturbed and keep this feeling in his heart instead of letting it out? Sometimes you feel insulted by something and you carry your anger around although the other person doesn’t even know that you are angry or feel insulted. Instead, there has to be the possibility to talk with each other and to be open and honest. And in the Ashram, this is possible. Everybody is honest with each other with the effort to bring harmony back.

We had a beautiful atmosphere and love in the Ashram today! I want to wish everybody a happy Diwali! Come, let’s light the candle of love and see everybody in the light of love. For me, love is the light and lack of love is darkness. If love is there, then light will be there.

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