Enjoy the Presence without worrying about the future – 06 Feb 08


We started in Schwabmünchen around 12 o'clock and arrived in Wiesbaden just in time for dinner. Iris and Thomas are very happy to have us in their home again. They also enjoy having our company and talking about nice things. It is so nice to have friends everywhere. We are talking a little bit about funny things in the past, make some plans for the future but the best thing is that we are together in the presence and enjoy those moments together. Always live in presence! I often talk about that. Why do we kill the joy of the presence with thinking of the past or worrying about the future? We spend most of our time in this. Just calculate how many hours of the day you are living in presence. And if it is not much then begin now. Start tasting your food in the moment that you are eating it. Start feeling your body in whatever you are doing in this very moment. Then many things will be much easier and you will discover a lot of beautiful wonders in this world.

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  1. Feeling your body can be one of the easier ways to bring yourself into the present the same way that dis- identification with the body can be one of the first things that happens to a person realizing they are the awareness behind their ego. If you close your eyes and hold still try focusing your attention on the subtle aliveness you feel in your hands and allow it to grow as you become aware of it. (This is not an exercise meant to lead you into abstract thinking about energy in the body. If you are thinking it will be hard to notice the life in your hands).

  2. A lot of people are not even aware of how much time they spend thinking of the past and future. They forget that life is occurring right now! It’s such a simple tool to enjoy life more and to live fully. I will pass on the awareness to others I know… it’s an easy way to help someone else!

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