Satisfaction as the Key to Happiness – 04 Feb 08


If you are not satisfied you can never be happy. It is so important. If you are not satisfied you can never be in peace. Satisfaction is a big treasure. It does not depend on material wealth. I know millionaires who are never satisfied and very simple people who are very satisfied. I am talking about being satisfied with life, with your situation in life. But in one way I would like to be eternally unsatisfied: I always want to go deeper and deeper into love, want to increase this feeling. It is joy to be unsatisfied in this.

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  1. When I feel very resistant to my situation or circumstance I have a “conversation” of sorts with myself that helps me: If you don’t mind your circumstances how can they make you suffer? Saying yes to your circumstances changes everything. If you do not resist what comes (and of course whatever comes comes and no amount of thinking will change this)how can it harm you? Maybe your bike is stolen. Okay, so now you do not have a bike. Perhaps there is something you can do about this. Perhaps someone saw who took the bike and knows where they live and you can go to their home and ask for it back. And then perhaps you will have your bike back. Okay so now you have a bike. Saying yes to your circumstances is not about being a moral person. If you feel that is your motive you may not be saying “yes,”. Saying yes is about your joy. Does it make sense to say no to something that has happened? It has happened. To say “no this cannot happen,” is insane. There might be something you can do to change a circumstance and that is fine too. Why not! Haha.

  2. I never thought about it that way before. Satisfaction… I always thought happiness was finding some kind of “zen” amidst the fact that you can never be satisfied.

  3. Satisfaction is something never taught, we are taught to be unsatisfied and look for more, always looking for more, but what does satisfaction even look like? I personal do not know.

  4. Becoming satisfied is simple- stop wanting more. what you have is not bad. in fact there is beauty that another person can see in what you have. Satisfaction is there for you to choose to view. Choose it.

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