Joy to get up in the Morning – 9 Aug 08


Today during breakfast Andrea, Ramona and I talked about good and bad mood especially in the morning. There are people who are in a bad mood right away after waking up. They have not even put a foot out of the bed and they are grumpy. Some people just say that they are not a morning person. I feel that people who do not like to get up, who would like to go on sleeping even after ten hours of sleep, are not happy with their life. They do not like to get up because they are not looking forward to welcome the new day. For them a glass is not half full but half empty. Another day that has to be passed.

Each morning that I get up I am looking forward to what I am going to do, to whatever the day might bring. If there is no sparkle in life, you don’t like to get up in the morning. And if it is like this, please change something. You can bring love and fun into your life. Very often it is only a habit and then this person is ‘not a morning person’. Don’t let this become a habit. You are the one who can control your mood. Be happy and enjoy your life, each day! 

5 Replies to “Joy to get up in the Morning – 9 Aug 08”

  1. Waking up can be wonderful. It is an easy time to be brand new again, to be fully alert with no thoughts in your head, no ideas about who you are or what’s to come and no thoughts about what has passed. It is a time when the “story of me” can be more easily absent because it has disappeared in the night.Sometimes when we wake up our mind is already chattering. This is really too bad because we cannot enjoy this way and as time passes during the day the “story of me” can more easily strengthen itself. It has more to feed on. If you notice yourself thinking about many things when you have opened your eyes in the morning try lying there for a moment. Look around the room. Find an object without any writing on it and without other designs. Perhaps a part of your bed post. Look at it for a moment and when your mind calls this object a bed post stop yourself. Concentrate on this object. Look at it softly as if it were precious but resist the urge to touch it and as things come into your mind concentrate on keeping them out. Allow the object to be there without calling it anything. This can also be very helpful if you do it before you go to bed. Sleeping with a quiet mind will greatly help you in waking up with one. Waking up with a quiet mind, you will feel so delighted to be awake, ready to face the days challenges as they arrive at your feet and no sooner.

  2. I think it’s actually true that people have different natural rhythms of sleep. Some people need more, some people need less. Some people are most vibrant in the morning, some people are most vibrant in the middle of the night. And there’s nothing wrong with our differences in that way.But I totally agree that, whatever time you do wake up, it’s important to be excited about life and looking forward to your day! Waking up is when we set the tone for our mood and energy. It’s good to spend some time alone in the morning with a ritual to get the mind in a positive mode and the body ready for a good day!

  3. I really love to sleep and I know, I’m a late riser. But as soon as I’m awake, I can’t wait to let the day start. I can’t understand, how some people enjoy to stay half of the day in their bed or those who wake up with negative energy.