Finding the Purpose of your Life brings Happiness – 19 May 11


Yesterday and today I realized once more how happy I am and how thankful I am to be living the life that I am living. I am just happy with my life.

If I look at my work, I am just happy. I see how we can help people here with Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Mantras and counseling. It is work that makes them calm and relax, helps them to come out of stress and tension and at the same time does not really exhaust or stress me.

Even if we don’t have workshops or private sessions, we have always lots of work to do online and at the computer and I am happy about that, too. We reply emails, we are in touch with people, we update our website to let more people know about it and we write this blog to let you all know what we are experiencing, what is going on in our lives and thoughts. And although we work very hard and many hours a day, I am not writing this to get pity from anyone. We love our work, we love to do all this and we additionally love what we are working for.

This is another thing that I love: the purpose of my work is to help those who come to me but also children in India. It has become the purpose of my life. We see how they grow with the years and it just makes us happy that they can learn at our school, eat at our Ashram and grow into a future that is bright because of education. Seeing these children and even thinking of them makes me happy, too.

Traveling all over the world is part of my work for these children. And obviously I love it. I always happily agree to go on new adventures, to go to places that I have never been to before and to meet new people. And lucky as we are, they are usually lovely and nice people, interested in positive thinking, spirituality, a healthy and beautiful life full of happiness and love.

These people often become our friends and so I find myself often staying with wonderful friends, who support us and our projects and most of all who love us. I am happy and just feel blessed to have so many wonderful friends all around the world. I am surrounded by people who love me and whom I love.

Two of these people, Ramona and Yashendu, are nearly always around me, 24 hours. At the Ashram there are even more, Purnendu, my parents and my grandmother. All people whom I love, all around me. The Ashram, the school, our employees, who are also like our family, and of course the children living there. This all contributes to the fact that I truly and happily love my life.

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  1. Wonderful. I thank God every day for what i have, that He has blessed me with my wonderful husband and sons, that He has kept me strong and healthy until today, that He has been with me as a support in good and bad times and that He will be there in future, too, to be at my side.We all should praise the creation of this universe, the Lord, our God, in whichever form.

  2. I think this happiness and satisfaction is something very Indian. Even people who have very little there, are usually still happy and satisfied. They play and laugh and are alive. This is what I see in you and them: Life!Real living, not only sitting in front of a TV. You need to live life to love it!
    Heartlove to you!

  3. A nice prayer and belief, Dora! I think we should be thankful, the way that you say it here. And it doesn’t matter whether we are thankful to God, to nature or the universe!

  4. When you see someone who has found their life purpose, they are so energized and delighted! They light up the room because their soul is on track to fulfilling an important purpose. And I am a firm believer that each and every individual has a beautiful and important purpose for their life. No matter how “big” or “small” their role may seem, they are like a piece to a puzzle that wouldn’t be complete without them. I wish everyone love and luck on their journey toward finding their purpose…it’s out there!!

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