Do not stubbornly stick to Opinions and old Patterns – Be open for Change – 7 Jul 11


In one of my old diary entries I recently read the following paragraph:

“…everyone who really loves you wants you to be happy and strong and stable in your happiness. It is difficult to have stable happiness if you cannot have a stable opinion because all the time you actually worry in which direction you have to change your opinion now!”

I read these lines and I still agree on them. It is very important to be stable, to know what you want and to take your decisions accordingly. At the same time I thought however that there are times when people keep their opinion not only stable but solid and stubbornly stick to an opinion which has often been formed decades ago.

This is also not the right attitude towards your opinions. Don’t form an opinion and make it a tradition. Whenever this happens, all flexibility is gone. Maybe you know this kind of behavior from older people. As a teenager the neighbor girl may have been wild and in that time your grandparents have formed their opinion to never trust her to take care of their plants when they are gone. Now, thirty or more years later, they still think of this woman as a wild girl, although she may now be settled and happily married, living a calm life. The old people may however still hesitate and not be able to trust her.

This is an easy example but such opinions and the stubbornness that they could not change go much deeper. We often follow a certain pattern and don’t want to leave it. We know it is not right and not true anymore, times have changed, but because we have done it always in this way, we stick with it. I have believed this for so many years, how could I change now? How could I stop believing this? This thinking does not make you happy. If you know the truth and you don’t change your opinion, you are not honest with yourself.

If you experience something, don’t be shy to change your opinion, even if it is the opposite of what you thought before. Change if you believe it is necessary to change, otherwise it will cost you your happiness. If you change when it is right to change, you will see that new doors open for a better future.

4 Replies to “Do not stubbornly stick to Opinions and old Patterns – Be open for Change – 7 Jul 11”

  1. Fear of change ?. Fear is the number one reason why people stay in their safety zones. Changes are very necessary to survive. Change is not merely necessary to life— it is life. Dear Swami Ji a big hug of Universal Light to you !!. Much Love!!.

  2. Change is the only constant in life. 🙂 We are often afraid of change because it represents the unknown. But if we don’t change with the flow of life, we get stuck and rigid. We can’t enjoy the beautiful gifts and lessons of life if we are afraid to flow with them and grow with them.

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