Unhappy? Not satisfied? A change of Perception might help! – 14 Aug 12


There is a long-known fact which we can witness examples for again and again in daily life: everything depends upon the attitude and viewpoint of the person who is talking.

A man bought a cupboard. He chose one that fitted to his budget and when you ask him whether his new cupboard is looking nice in his living room he says ‘Oh, it is very nice!’ Another friend is standing next to him and replies, too: ‘Yes, nice, just a little bit too small’. The reply of the man with the cupboard: ‘It is not very big but enough for all my things to fit in there. So it is fully fine’. A third friend was coming closer and, hearing the last line shouts out ‘Man, that thing alone is as big as my whole bedroom!’

You see the different perception of one and the same cupboard. The man who owns the cupboard knows that there are bigger cupboards but he could afford this one and it suits his purpose, so he is happy with what he has got. Then there is another man, who is maybe used to bigger cupboards and he would call it small while the third man thinks exactly the opposite.

Who of these three men is realistic? All three of them are! Everybody gives his statement according to his own perception. You can however be nearly sure that the one man who thinks it is too small is less happy than the other two.

If you want to, you can always be happy with the situation and if you want to, you can always be unhappy.

We often have this experience with guests who come at different times of the year. We had visitors in summer who were sweating in the heat of May or June but who were still happy because they were in India, because they could make this experience and because they were on holiday. And we had people in the best travelling time of the year who had wonderful weather and everything was perfect but they thought Vrindavan was too dusty – and spoiled their complete mood.

Recently we read of one of our guests’ further travels and she wrote that she had gone trekking in Nepal. It was a very hard, difficult and exhausting trip for her, she had food poisoning, got ill, then better, made walks that made each of her muscles hurt, saw very dirty guest houses and more but in the end of her report she wrote it was an incredible experience of nature, people and culture. A journey she will always happily remember.

How different a perception can be for different people with different attitudes!

I would like to give you a tip for your own happiness and the happiness of the people around you: be positive, enjoy, laugh and love. Don’t be sulky, don’t regret, don’t be negative and encourage others to see the bright side, too.

Life is beautiful, you just need to see it from the right place!

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