Why should you stop complaining? The Answer is here! – 28 May 15

I yesterday wrote about the thoughts and feelings we can have when we look at someone so badly injured as Monika or her roommate in hospital. We should feel happy about being healthy and well, we should appreciate our body and its beauty. You know what, though? Looking at our surrounding here, I would suggest you to not only appreciate your body but also everything that you have, in material and emotional matters, and your life as such!

I have already told you that in the past weeks, Purnendu and Ramona have been visiting the homes of the newly admitted school children. What they see there, the circumstances in which these children live, give once more a fully different perspective on life. Anybody who comes along would stop complaining about their own lives!

They go out in the morning to avoid the big heat of the day but nevertheless come back fully sweaty and hot. None of the houses they visit has air-conditioning or simpler coolers! Some homes don’t even have a properly closing door or just for one room of the house, not the area where the main life takes place! Most houses have electricity, but not all. No electricity means not even a fan to keep you cool. Those that have electricity don’t have the luxury of a battery power back-up which we enjoy, so that we can keep the fan running even if there is a power-outage. And we have lots of these outages, especially when it reaches 45 degrees centigrade and above, as in the past days.

The fathers and even mothers of many children are daily labourers. They work outside, mostly on construction sites. Out in the heat, often in the sun and definitely not with appropriate or safe working attire! Cement is mixed with a shovel held by bare hands. They walk around on those sites barefoot, in flip-flops or simple slippers. The hands of masons are cracked and sore after some years.

Mothers at home take care of six children and their household at the same time, keeping everything in one or two small rooms tidy and in order. They manage preparing food for their whole family on a minimal income, with the very basics of groceries.

Children play on dirty roads, dressed in torn and old clothes, some of them ill and without treatment. 10-year-olds don’t know how to spell their name and even older children have no idea how old they are. Nearly everyone goes to toilet on the fields or at the side of the road – toilets at home are rare.

This is not even the worst of India, not even the worst of the world. And no matter how bad your life seems to be, if you read these lines, there are people worse off than you in your country, too! Whenever you feel down, don’t only think of this but really realize how good your life is!

Stop complaining! And not only about your financial issues – your social life, your love life, a missing relationship or problems within your relationship! See that there are issues worse than yours and either accept or get the energy to get up and make a change for yourself!

Don’t let the bad situation in the world get you down but let it be an eye-opener to the beauty and wealth you have yourself, helping you make a change to whatever is not right and maybe also help someone who is worse off than you!

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