Let others keep on searching for Mistakes and stay happy! – 27 Nov 14


Experience has shown me again and again that some people will always keep on searching for mistakes. If you want to be happy, you cannot care much about them. All you can do is live authentically, honestly and with full confidence for your actions. After that, you can ignore such people without worrying about it or giving importance to their words.

I have given you examples for such behaviour throughout the week. I chose a picture for my blog entry, clicking through many photos of happy children. I decided to use one in which they were smiling at the camera. The result: someone doubting on the quality of our food and our concept of equality. My friend does huge efforts to support a charity and gets insulted for his sexual orientation – which has nothing to do with the charity at all! I write the recipe for making yoghurt and I get comments saying ‘Everyone knows this, it is so simple! Why do you write that?’

There will always be people like this. I have seen this my whole life long. I am a very happy person and have always be successful. When you are successful, people are jealous. When you are happy, people are jealous. It doesn’t matter it is due to a personal problem with you or just simply an inferiority complex, they are just jealous because you are successful and happy and they apparently are not.

They won’t be able to do anything against your success. They obviously feel that they cannot be happy for you because of your success or with you in your happiness. That’s how they try to feel more equal to you by bringing you down. Or at least they make every effort to bring you down.

Do you let them?

It is really your decision! You can choose if you would like to give them this success or not. It won’t actually make them happier. All it will do is make you unhappy if you let them bother you! They don’t see that your happiness is alone your decision. That you are successful because you choose to see it this way. That they could be happy as well, would they just take things the way you do!

It is not your duty to make them see this. It is your duty to stay happy no matter what such people say.

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