Enjoying Moments in Life which cannot be bought with Money! – 4 Aug 16


Money is definitely not everything in life! There are joys in this world which are far away from anything that money can buy!

Yesterday, when the restaurant was about to close, a big monsoon rain started. It rained down hard and strong, lots of water pounding down. It is beautiful weather when you are sitting inside and looking out. We had to however still close the restaurant and go back to our bedroom! So Ramona and I wrapped the computer in a towel and a plastic bag, took an umbrella and then went very close to each other to the back of the Ashram. We were walking close, Ramona had her arm around my waist, I held the umbrella over her and we walked as slow as necessary and as fast as possible.

It was just great. It was fun, although our shoes got soaked. It was romantic as well, although the umbrella was too small and dripped water on our necks. It was beautiful.

A small thing to enjoy which does not cost a penny, which does not need anything, just a perfect moment and the readiness to enjoy. I want to fill my days with such instances – why don’t you try, too? It fills life with beauty and happiness!

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