Take Life Easy – It only needs the right Attitude – 23 May 08


Today we had the first Darshan in Schwabmünchen. Of course I explained again that the participants should open their hearts and express their feelings. We live our lives for others, worry about their expectations and thus create a lot of problems for ourselves. We make our life much more complicated than it really is. There are also people who live life in an easy way. They are more themselves and you can see this in their whole lifestyle. They eat when they are hungry, not just because it is time for a meal. They sleep when they are sleepy and they wake up and are relaxed because their subconscious mind was not busy in solving problems. They are happier, healthier and mentally more stable. They do not need doctors or psychiatrists.

People grown up in this society sometimes even get afraid when they think of this easy way of living. They need problems, they want to have problems! Their conviction is that life has to be difficult. However when you realize that you are creating the problems for yourself you can get rid of them. Be yourself and don’t always think so much about other people’s ideas and expectations. Life can be easy! Live in love and laugh!

4 Replies to “Take Life Easy – It only needs the right Attitude – 23 May 08”

  1. My profession keeps me very busy. Even on my way to work I’m usually on the phone doing business. My mind gets just as busy as my body and I fear that I’ll be less productive if I allow it to relax. But I think I am learning that the business of my mind hinders my work and that I can relax without slowing down.

  2. I have been known to push myself to work really hard at times and take things seriously. It becomes very stressful and uneasy. It’s a good reminder that your perspective can change everything. By taking breaks, going with the flow, and seeing things from the bigger picture… life becomes easier. It’s not always easy to get into this mindset, but having the reminder helps!