Gurus selling enlightenment for enriching themselves – 18 Aug 09

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Today I saw a video clip about a so-called enlightened master who gave himself many titles like guru, paramahansa and more about which I was writing in the last days. In this video he claimed that he achieved enlightenment at the age of twelve. I heard some words full of ego and then could not continue.

He was sitting on a silver throne, wearing a golden necklace and said ‘I am sitting on a throne because I am enlightened. When you get enlightened, you will also get a throne.’ So it seems, if you buy enlightenment from him, he will get a throne for you. I am trying to analyze and understand this now: what is the relation between enlightenment and throne? Are you enlightened if you have enough money to afford a silver throne and sit on it? Or if you get enlightened, you need to sit on a throne for people to see that you are enlightened?

I was talking about Paramahansa Ramkrishna and I strongly believe that he was an enlightened soul but I never saw or read that he was sitting on a silver throne ever in his life. Maybe he could not afford it. I really wonder which people become followers of these gurus who want to have enlightenment or are dreaming of a throne. Whatever and from what reason ever, I don’t think it is good to play with people’s feelings.

The main question is: what is the real meaning of enlightenment? What happens actually when you get enlightened? These gurus will repeat a few spiritual words again and again to make you a fool in the name of enlightenment and greedy for a throne. For me enlightenment is being in love. I don’t know any other kind of enlightenment and I can never imagine that this kind of egoistic language that I heard in the video from a so-called enlightened master can come from a person who is in love. If you want to get in touch with God, why do you need an agent for that? Make direct contact through love. Believe me, even if you go to Him without a throne, with nothing in your hands, He will embrace you!

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  1. I rather ask a beggar for directions, at least their throne is in eye level and they have the decency to tell the truth for the smallest coin in the pocket.

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