Do not Put my Picture on your Altar, do not Worship Me! – 12 Aug 09


Yesterday in the evening we were invited to an informal reception where I should say some words and people could get to know me, Yashendu and our work. One of the things I talked about was again how I would like people to see me or what I want to be for people. I want to be a friend, not a teacher. I would like to share but not to teach. And this is how I am not a master because a master tells his disciples what to do and what not to do. I want to give you the possibility to make your own decisions. I also don’t want anybody to worship me. Please don’t put my picture on your altar. If you like me and my face and want to put my picture into your living room where you have pictures of your family and friends, please do that. This will be nice for me. But don’t put my picture on the altar, I am not God.

Some people have the ego to think of themselves as God and want to have their picture, their shoes, picture of their feet or even statues of themselves on altars. I don’t want to be worshipped, please don’t do ceremonies around my picture. I would like to be in your heart, not on your altar.

It was a nice evening yesterday and a long day again today. I had many healings and in the evening we went to Victor and Jhan’s global chanting group and for a Darshan after chanting. It was such a beautiful evening, we all danced and chanted still in the Darshan. We had a great evening.


  1. Jesse

    That’s right Swami Ji! Keep it real.

  2. Tanya

    Swami Ji, I know you want people to be real with you, so let me be real here- I am impressed that it doesn’t seem like you have a big head. You seem truly wise and it is very curious thing for me to witness. I like it, and I appreciate it, and it doesn’t make me want to place you above me… it makes me want to pursue wisdom. Thanks.

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