Gurus under Pressure to Predict Future – 19 June 10

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When I yesterday thought and wrote about our role in the world I also had to think of my time as a guru and of all those gurus who are still in this ‘profession’ or ‘business’. I wrote already many times what a guru should be and what the average guru that you see today is and is not. A guru is a teacher for you, someone from whom you can learn however one mistake made is to think that the guru is God himself.

Yesterday I mentioned that you are not the one who has the big plan in the hands and you are not the one to move the puppets. You are just one of those puppets. Unfortunately as a guru, many people believe that you know the plan, that you had at least a look on it before. Now imagine the pressure that a guru can have when someone comes to you with their sick daughter and says ‘My guru, tell me, will she be fine?’ I have heard of a case in which the guru, an old woman, said ‘Yes, she will be fine and I will pray for her’. The family left and all were happy and confident but a week later, the daughter passed away.

Nobody can predict the future. Claiming that you can and believing that another person has the power is both dangerous for your emotions and mental situation. What if he or she fails? You can believe that another person has a better guess than you because of experience. You can believe that the other one has seen and heard more than you, has just more knowledge, intuition or experience than you. But you can never put this responsibility on another person’s shoulder to tell you the future.
Live in presence and accept the coming moments as a future that comes anyway. Do your best and accept what comes.

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  1. ‎”Do your best and accept what comes.” ♥Thank you for reminding me the best way of living 😉
    Everything we can do is try our best. And even if we fail, then we know that we did everything we could about that.

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