Showing off Spirituality and Wealth – 14 Mar 10


There are really many stories of religious drama that can be told and I am sometimes amazed by the ideas that some gurus have to show their status of being like Gods or also to show how wealthy or how spiritual they are.

While the Kumbh Mela was here in Vrindavan, we on one day heard an unusual sound: a helicopter was flying over the town. We are not very close to an airport so that we would hear planes or helicopters often, so everybody came out to look and watch what was going on. And suddenly there were flowers flying down from the helicopter to the ground. They were actually not falling simply to the ground but were aimed at a procession where one of the popular gurus of this area was walking or driving on a wagon. In one of the Hindu scriptures it says that from nowhere, out of the sky flowers are raining down. This is what they wanted to imitate to show this man’s spirituality and also of course his wealth. Think about how much it must have cost him to hire the helicopter for the day?

Another new fancy way of preaching is in airplanes and on cruises, so you preach on different elements, water, air and earth. But I really have to say that this is a waste of resources. Okay, you need the fuel for planes for travelling but if you go and fly just for having a lecture in the air, it is just causing pollution, you could as well do it on the ground.

2 Replies to “Showing off Spirituality and Wealth – 14 Mar 10”

  1. When we are empty we need to prove to ourselves that we are full… when we are full it is obvious- the ego wants recognition; better yet shine and everyone will benefit – no need for flowers !

  2. I don’t really know, but it also sounds like something a film crew might do if they’re making a film of the event. Sometimes film producers will spare no expense to get a visually interesting shot.