Dealing with Misunderstood Messages as a Guru and after – 12 June 10

New York
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When you express something it is usually because you want to give the other person a message. You want to share something or you need information and express your confusion. And if the other person gets your message, he or she will understand what you want to say, give you an answer, hand you over what you needed or just keep in mind the information that you shared.

What if that message doesn’t reach its intended recipient though? What if the one whom you are directing it to, does not understand or understands it fully wrong? This sometimes happens to me, especially when I am talking on phone, so if the person is not in front of me. One reason is of course the language and another reason the culture, because you express things in different ways and can read in between the lines more easily if it is your language and culture. Well, it happens sometimes, often you can set things straight but sometimes it takes a lot of effort and energy.

I was wondering today why this has not happened that much before in my life but increased in the last years. And I believe, I found the answer to this, too. When I lived the life of a guru, I was just not approachable. I gave lectures, healing and counselling to people but I was always a little bit higher seated, somehow in a distance. That came with the profession of being a guru. And even after the cave, when I started travelling, there was still this distance. Nowadays I make it more clear in my talk and in my actions. I am approachable; I let people know that I am a usual, normal human person. And now anybody can misunderstand me, unintentionally or even intentionally and I deal with it personally. Well, I guess that is what comes with this little change. But I am happy about this change, too, because my life is beautiful and I am just very happy.

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