Paramahansa – Real Meaning and Abuse – 14 Aug 09

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Yesterday we were talking about the guru image that many people like to have and keep. It is not only Indian people who come to the west but also western people who are impressed by this image and the whole drama which is made and created by these gurus. It is a big business in India to sell spiritual names and titles. And this is how I see several masters here with the title ‘Paramahansa’.

I am sure more than half of them don’t even know what paramahansa means. They like to put this title in front of their names, to have followers, to sit on a silver or golden throne, with heavy golden necklaces full of precious stones, holding one hand up in the pose of a Hindu God and with their disciples sitting at their feet wearing malas and necklaces with pendants of their picture.

I have met real paramahansa, who get this respect as a spiritual person with a very high level of consciousness. None of them is ever sitting on a throne. They are not interested in this and don’t need this drama because they don’t need to impress anybody with their wealth. With much love and respect we call Ramkrishna paramahansa. He left his body in 1886 at the age of 50. There can be a big description of the word ‘Paramahansa’ but explained in short it describes a person who is beyond this material world and who lost even the attachment to his senses and his body.

I cannot understand how these gurus who love the material, silver and gold, can be Paramahansa. It just makes me sad if I see that there are innocent and lovely people who are blinded by these masters.

Today we had a great chakra dance party in the evening.

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  1. I very well known myth sometimes that the real hansas like to eat real pearl. So these all so called “Paramhansa” are proving it by becoming real “Param-Hansa” means as much big Hansa they are that big belly they have and that many pearl or other expensive material things they need for their food.
    I don’t why Gov. does not say anything or never look in to their property.

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