Real Gurus and Worship of fake Gurus – 20 Aug 09

First of all I want to thank all friends and people around the globe who sent their best wishes and love. We are fine and in the right place. Many people want to come and connect and appreciated my statements in the last days about gurus and enlightenment. But I also want to add something to this topic. I am not against gurus. I also have gurus and had many gurus. What is the meaning of ‘guru’? If you simply translate it, it means teacher. When we were in primary school, we called all our teachers ‘Guruji’. From whomever you learn anything, that person can be your guru, even if it is a child.

In the scriptures there is a story about Dattatreya who had 24 Gurus: earth, air, sky or ether, water, fire, sun, moon, python, pigeons, the sea, moth, bee, bull, elephant, bear, deer, fish, osprey, a child, a maiden, a courtesan, a blacksmith, serpent and spider. I still remember with whom I learned Sanskrit in my childhood. He is no more in this world, he passed away, but whenever I think of him, my heart lights up with much love and respect. I am also not against having photos of great spiritual divine souls. I respect and love many who were in the past and those whom I have met and I know that there are also today many.

What I do not appreciate is, when somebody announces himself as a great siddha or enlightened and pretends to be God, is too much attached with material, interested in increasing the number of followers and wealth and sell enlightenment, when someone materializes gold and silver and makes their followers believe they are God and when their followers worship them not as a teacher but as a God by wearing their pendants and even greet each other with their guru’s name instead of the name of God. But unfortunately there is not only one, there are many people who act like this. My statement is not against any particular person but against this kind of system or pattern. And this opinion I will always keep and I will always speak out my truth with my honesty. But I have much respect for those who gave and are still giving the message of love and show people the path of love.

We had a beautiful Darshan with chanting again with the Global Chanting Group and of course I was talking about the same topic.

4 Replies to “Real Gurus and Worship of fake Gurus – 20 Aug 09”

  1. This is the only sensible place I have seen online with sensible views on Guru’s. It’s fine to have a teacher, but know he is only a teacher and a human, and that his word is not the law and not always right or even true….. Have a Guru and follow, but be your own master, think for yourself and don’t follow anything blindly…. question your Guru as you question everything/ everyone else in life….

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