I will never be a Guru again – 12 Feb 09


Michael was saying to me with a smile ‘Why don’t you go back again into the guru role? Maybe this will be good for many people because they want a master. They need somebody to tell them what to do.’

I answered ‘No, I am very happy with what I am doing. I cannot imagine playing this guru role again which I was doing for a long time. I understand what you mean and it is true. Many people have this tendency to search someone like that. Somebody who takes their responsibility. Then it is easier for them. But this is not my way and not what I want to give to people.'

I have full confidence in what I am doing now. If I would change, I would always like to change for the better. Now I am helping people in a much better way. It makes them aware themselves and their consciousness can grow and they can be responsible for themselves. They become spiritually adult instead of walking as children holding the hand of their guru. I see this with many people and I am very happy to see that many of the people to whom I talk and who come for healing sessions more than once start taking their life in their own hands and take their own responsibility.

Here I feel funny when I see some people who behave like masters and want to be treated like masters. If a yoga teacher or healer tries to copy a traditional guru or master it satisfies the own ego but it is not good for making a close connection. I however like to be a friend and to offer my help. This is what makes me happy.

My friend Thomas wrote a nice reply to yesterday’s diary and put it up as an article on our website. I like his thoughts and wanted to share them with you. Click here to read it.


  1. Tomas

    Well done Swami Ji. You are an inspiration.

  2. Germaine

    Good call. Stay friendly.

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